We Are The Capital Region’s Leader In Metal Roofing

We specialize in the meticulous installation of standing seam metal roofing, combining durable materials and expert craftsmanship to create a sleek, weather-resistant roofing solution that enhances both aesthetic appeal and long-term structural integrity. With a focus on precision and quality, Our standing seam metal roofs offer homeowners a durable and stylish option for protecting their homes.

Opting for a standing seam metal roof provides the advantage of complete customization. Unlike shingles, standing seam panels are tailored specifically to your home, with each panel sized for every facet of your roof. As a result, we can accommodate your desired color preference seamlessly. Take a moment to explore the sample color options available from ASP Metal below.

As the areas only true installers, we pride ourselves in systems that will last for generation. Our expert team with work with you and get your roof replaced with ease.

We initiate the process with a comprehensive proposal phase. At this stage, play will personally visit your home to meticulously measure all roofing surfaces. Armed with the data acquired during this assessment, we will then craft a comprehensive proposal outlining the precise scope of work, complete with accompanying photographs and a comprehensive cost estimate.

The initial phase of the roofing process involves the careful removal of existing roofing materials. Recognizing the significance of your home as a substantial investment, we approach the tear-off process with utmost diligence. Upon completion of the removal, a comprehensive inspection of the decking ensues, and any plywood exhibiting signs of rot or damage is promptly replaced, contributing to the enhanced durability of the forthcoming roofing system.

Following the tear-off process, the installation of premium roofing underlayment takes place. This superior-quality underlayment offers enhanced safeguarding for your home throughout and beyond the roofing project. Additionally, strategic application of a high-temperature Ice and Water shield occurs in specific areas, fortifying the most susceptible parts of your residence, such as eaves, valleys, and adjoining walls.

With the surfaces primed, the installation of roofing panels ensues. This phase is marked by meticulous attention to detail to prevent any cosmetic harm to the panels. When navigating specific sections like chimneys, we employ precise techniques to establish thorough waterproofing, guaranteeing the enduring integrity of every element throughout the entirety of the roofing system.

Once the surfaces have been prepared, The roofing panels will be installed. A high attention of detailed in paid during this process, to ensure no cosmetic damage is done the the panels. As we approach certain areas of the roof, such as a chimney, we begin the proper technics to ensure that all details are water proof and will last the entire duration of the whole system.

Upon the completion of panel installation and meticulous detailing, a thorough final cleanup is conducted, ensuring the jobsite retains its initial cleanliness. This encompasses the removal of metal clippings, debris from the previous roof, and any detritus generated during the process. Following the comprehensive roofing work, the initiation of your 10-Year Workmanship Warranty with Elite Contracting provides you with invaluable reassurance, affirming the durability and longevity of the roofing investment you’ve made.